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The Texas-Born entrepreneur spent 95% of her life in Phoenix, AZ. She always had a knack for writing rhymes ever since she was a little girl but really became seasoned in her craft at the age of 16. She spent years of hard work practicing to ensure that both her lyrics and delivery were unmatchable by being very avid in freestyling, writing, and delivering verse after verse in the private setting of her bedroom. 

Her superior abilities makes it real easy to stand out from the competition. “My style is very eclectic and unique. I'm very consistent as well. I invest in myself and have gone from a local way of thinking to a universal mindset. I'm humble always with respect for those who support me and admire me as an independent artist and driven woman,” she said. The popular artist is heavily regarded for big records such as: “Airplane”, “Guidance”, “Boss Made Bit*h”, “Look Pretty”, “4 Bread”, and “Lyfe in Da City”.

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